What We're Wearing: Connie Steals Her Outfit From An Old Guy

Connie Wang, Global Editor
What I'm wearing: "I spotted this older Japanese gent at Tokyo 7 this past weekend wearing the male equivalent of this look. He looked so dapper that I couldn't wait to copy it... whether it works on me is still debatable. The striped shirt is Comme des Garcons Play and the neckerchief is Candela. I got my macintosh from Dear Golden Vintage on Etsy, I thrifted the flannel from a Savers in Minnesota, and the skirt is an old Anchor Blue low-rise mini from 8th grade that now fits only around my waist."
My beauty look du jour: "My hair is naturally wavy, and after the perm I got in September, I only straighten it when I'm overcome with a huge wave of motivation."
What's on my iTunes today: "I recently found my iPod hidden in the pockets of a poncho I never, ever wear—and I've been really enjoying the playlist I made from last spring. On it—Solange Knowle's version of 'Stillness is the Move'. Her voice gives me chills."
What's on my to-do list: "Turkey-Day binge eating preparation."

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