How To Get Dressed For A Night Out In 1 Minute

It’s Saturday night, and all of a sudden, you’re suffering from a severe and unexpected case of FOMO. Five minutes ago, you were easing into a relaxed evening in — sweats on, topknot askew — and feeling pretty pleased about your oh-so-adult plan to wake with the sun, load up on berries at the farmers' market, and maybe run a quick marathon before the start of the workweek. Then, your clique's group text blew up.

Now, here you are, standing dumbfounded in front of your closet with 20 minutes before you’re due to meet your friends. Lack of an emergency backup outfit is no excuse for missing a potentially epic outing with your lady crew, so we've dedicated the latest installment of our Style Throwdown series with Maybelline to the girls’ night. Watch senior style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg face off with senior project manager Anne Cassard on the lightning-fast outfit-assembling challenge above, glean some smart ideas, and, remember, you can always stay in on Monday.

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