What To Wear When Meeting Your S.O.'s Parents

Meeting the parents is never easy. Whether it's the first time or the 500th, presenting yourself to your boo's support network can be an event in and of itself. Between spending time with his or her family and having to deal with the stress of the holidays, it can send even the most self-aware person into a mini tailspin. While your whole world shouldn't bank on the fam's opinion of your stylistic choices, having a mark of approval from your significant other's crew makes life feel that much smoother.

First impressions are all about wanting to put your best self forward, but forget everything you've been told you have to wear. Don't own the perfect silk-blouse-and-pencil-skirt combo? Forcing yourself into something you'd never wear isn't the answer. The most important rule is showing them you (also, not wearing anything too low-cut). But making the right sartorial choices can feel tricky when you're busy brushing up on some icebreakers (bless you, The Skimm).

To save your BFF from an overload of "Is this dress classy enough?!" mirror selfies, we've provided tons of outfit inspiration ahead for this major milestone.

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