How To Give Your Partner The Right Gift

It sounds extreme (and a bit more materialistic than we'd like to believe), but research agrees: Giving your partner the right gift can be as important as it is puzzling. A new DNews video is here to explain why.
Sure, we'd like to believe it's really just the thought that counts or that the gift itself doesn't matter. As the video explains, that can be totally true, but not when we already like the present. When we don’t, we start thinking about the intentions behind the gift. That still doesn't mean we can't overlook a gifting misstep — we can, if we feel our partner gave the trinket or token some serious thought.
But, what is a good gift? The video tells us that the perfect present is one that reminds your partner that you have a unique understanding of him or her. So, it doesn't have to be something super expensive or over the top, but it does have to be significant to them. Also remember: If your partner asks for a specific item (or asks specifically for a day without gifts), don't let that slip under the radar — people significantly prefer presents they actually ask for over those that are surprises.
Gifting can be intimidating no matter who you're thinking of. When it comes to a romantic partner, however, the stakes can seem even higher. Just keep these tips in mind and your presents are sure to impress.

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