This Miracle Brow Gel Works On Everyone & Costs Less Than A Latte

One of the biggest perks of working on a team with six other beauty editors is the constant influx of hacks, pro tricks, and product recommendations. I've learned that retinol is a powerhouse ingredient, gotten turned on to bubble masks, and developed a serious addiction to liquid lipstick. But the keyword that I really perk up and pay attention to when I hear it uttered in the office is "brows." Mine are big and bushy, but also weirdly sparse in some areas — a minor challenge in the grand scheme of things, but a challenge nonetheless. So when another editor told me I needed to try this product, I was one foot out the door, on my way to the drugstore to pick it up.

I'm no stranger to the trial-and-error process of finding the perfect brow enhancer. Many of the ones I've tried have been either smudgy, flaky, or too dark — and often around $20. An everyday product shouldn't be so hard to get right or so expensive. (And what is up with the tiny packages all brow powders and gels come in?! I go through them so fast.)

When I got my hands on this brow mascara, I was hopeful that it would be just like my favorite lash mascara (Dior Diorshow) — i.e.: foolproof and natural-looking. I'm here to report that it didn't disappoint. I lightly brushed my brows up, then out, using quick strokes to evenly distribute the formula, and in a few seconds, my arches were held in place without looking hairspray-ed down. They were defined, sharp-looking, and the shade (brunette for me, but it also comes in auburn and blond) was a spot-on match.

I credit the brush size of this guy for making all the difference. It hits the sweet spot between Glossier’s Boy Brow and Urban Decay’s Brow Tamer Tinted Brow Gel, and it's not just for bold brows like mine — my friend with less-endowed brows loves it, too. It's so good that I'd probably pay the price of a dinner entrée for it, but I'm certainly not complaining that it costs less than a fancy latte.

Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Mascara, $4.99, available at Wet n Wild.

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