Get Ready To Replace Your Entire Makeup Bag With This Artist’s Picks

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If you've ever admired Sienna Miller's perfectly lined lips, Victoria Beckham's flawless eyeshadow, or Anja Rubik's radiant complexion, chances are they were created by international makeup artist Wendy Rowe. She's worked on the world's most famous faces for events, cover shoots and campaigns, and is also the artistic consultant for Burberry Beauty. Despite her incredibly busy schedule, which takes her all over the world, Rowe has found the time to share her skin expertise in a new cookbook, Eat Beautiful, which contains beauty tips and over 70 simple and delicious recipes specifically created to improve your complexion. Below, Wendy shares her favorite beauty products, expert makeup tips and her key to feeling beautiful.

If you had just five minutes to get ready, what would you do and use?
"If I only had five minutes, then I’d use a BB cream all over my face, applying it like you would a moisturizer, with hands. I’d curl my lashes and apply mascara. Then, I’d use Burberry’s Contour Pen to sculpt my jawline and create a shadow around my eyes — underneath and in the socket line — and then, I’d finish by using a lip balm or a lipstick with a dewy texture. At the moment, my favorite is Burberry Full Kisses in Nude Blush."

What's your hair routine like and what are favorite hair products?
"When it comes to hair, I am really liking a new shampoo and conditioner at the moment from Eprouvage, their Fortifying Shampoo and Gentle Volume Conditioner. I also use Eprouvage Leave-In Conditioner in the bottom lengths of my hair and use a brush from Wet Brush, both in the shower and when I dry my hair, otherwise it can get quite tangly. I use Yarok Feed Your Roots Mousse on wet hair before drying to give me extra volume and Klorane for dry shampoo; it’s much more natural than other dry shampoos."
Favorite foundation and why?
"My favorite foundation is Burberry Fresh Glow, because it’s lightweight and luminous, but it still covers. The finish is very natural-looking and you still feel the skin through it."

What’s the one product you reach for to take you from day to night?

"It’d have to be an eye pencil in a brown shade, like an espresso-brown sort of color. I’d use it to create a smudgy eyeshadow on the eyelid, as well as using it as an eyeliner." Can you remember the first beauty product you bought in your teens?
"Yes, the first beauty product I bought was by Rimmel and it was a lipstick in a shade called Heather Shimmer. It was a browny, two-tone shade...I loved it at the time!" What’s the most expensive, luxury beauty product you own?
"It would probably be something by Joëlle Ciocco skin care, maybe the body scrub."
What’s the one product that you have repurchased the most over the years?
"Burberry’s BB Cream — I can't live without it!"

What’s your most trusted makeup product?
"I really like the Andrea Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover Pads; they are really handy to have on set and in my kit."

Can you remember your worst beauty faux pas?
"Yes — the worst mistake I made was when I was younger, using so much foundation all over my face that I lost the contours completely. It just looked like a mask with nostril holes and eyes."

Favorite mascara and why?
"Bobbi Brown’s No Smudge Mascara — it gives you full lashes fast and doesn’t smudge or go flaky and drop."

Who are your beauty icons?
"I’m inspired by a lot of different beauty icons; some from the past and also people that I’m fortunate enough to work with today. I always love Sienna Miller, I think she’s really beautiful and she can carry off a lot of different makeup looks, so it’s always fun working with her."
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Favorite lip product?
"Burberry’s Full Kisses Lipstick in Nude Beige." Which is the one transformative beauty product that makes you feel your best?
"I love Decléor’s Aromessence Neroli Oil. I like to put three drops on the palms of my hands, warm it up, and inhale deeply. It creates a little moment for me and is really uplifting." Makeup aside, what else makes you feel beautiful?
"Really key to feeling beautiful and achieving good skin is eating well and exercising. I make sure to eat fresh, organic, seasonal produce; I love making a gorgeous dinner, inviting friends over, and cooking recipes from my book, Eat Beautiful, which is launching on December 27, containing my favorite recipes and beauty remedies.
"As well as eating well, working out always makes me feel great and is a big part of my beauty routine. I love Body By Simone, because I don’t think about anything else when I’m doing it and the music is great, which is also important to me in general. I always listen to Radio 1 in the morning, no matter where I am in the world. I also like to do yoga, as it makes me feel good doing headstands and stretching my body out."
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What's your favorite beauty trend or look for winter 2016?
"I always love makeup looks that are fresh and focus on amazing skin. My favorite beauty trend is great skin, defined lashes that aren’t cloggy, and gorgeous full brows." Follow Rowe on Instagram @wendyrowe.

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