These 8 Weird Snack Combos Are Surprisingly Good

If there's one thing that's more polarizing than our feelings on who should win this season's Bachelorette (not "wahboom" Lucas, please), it's weird food combinations. Just as we follow our own personal unwritten manuals on fashion trends, we also have very personal feelings about what flavors and textures go (or don't go) together. And when someone steps in and challenges our palates? Well, it can start a good old-fashioned food debate, prompt a Twitter war, or even necessitate a taste test.
Instead of simply turning up our noses to seemingly strange snacking mashups, we always give them a fighting chance. We sampled Scott Foley's famous scrambled eggs and peanut butter, Nick Viall's pickles and PB toast, and even dabbled in pizza unmentionables. But with so many other stranger noshes out there, those eats' experiments have just been the tip of the so-called "icky" iceberg. So we decided to put our taste-testing bibs back on and try out eight more unusual food marriages — from Flaming Hot Cheetos and cream cheese to wasabi peas and grapefruit juice. Join us ahead to find out which we'd 10/10 eat again — and which we'd rather send right on home with "wahboom" Lucas.

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