5 Hacks For A Healthy Week — Oct 13 2014

105hackspageIllustrated By Zhang Qingyun.
To flex more brainpower, you first need to flex your muscles. That's because spending time in the weight room at your gym can help improve your memory. Concentration curl for the win. (Science Of Us)
Since you’re already heading to the gym (if you forgot why, then definitely see above), focusing on these five commonly overlooked elements of training will help ensure you’re working hard while working smart. (SHAPE)
National Coffee Day may be behind us, but our love affair with all things latte is never over. Here’s a guide to exactly how much caffeine you’ll find in your cup, depending on the shop, so you can determine which brew is best.
Making important decisions pre-dawn — before the morning mind-fog has disappeared — is not an ideal scenario. Make your tomorrow a little easier by prepping this satisfying and healthy breakfast tonight. (Q By Equinox)
While hoping to live completely stress-free is more idealistic than realistic, there’s a way to determine if you’re particularly susceptible to the S-word.

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