Yes, Your Work Clothes CAN Work For The Weekend

It's 6 p.m. on a Friday. The work day is finally coming to a close. And, your friends (along with the nearest wine bar) are calling your name. Yes, the weekend is shaping up to a seemingly good start, except for one small thing that's standing between you and that refreshing glass of rosé: your antisocial work duds. Even if you have the luxury of working in a dress-code-free environment, the look you sport at the office doesn't always transition into the weekend without at least a shoe swap, a makeup boost, and a new accessories game plan.
To make this partial wardrobe change easier, we tapped stylist Hannah Dilworth for this edition of Make My Weekend. She's showing us how to take three HR-approved looks and make them work when we're off duty. That trusty pencil skirt you counted on for interviews and meetings will be making its way into your Saturday-night rotation before you know it. Ready to really complete the look? Head on over to CITY for a few more fashion tips and makeup tutorials. Yep, just another reason to look forward to the weekend.
Styled by Shandi Alexander; Hair & Makup by Ashleigh Ciucci; Shooting and editing by Ben Poster, Maia Stern, and Stephanie Szerlip; Opener image photographed by Jessica Nash.

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