A Week’s Worth Of Easy Fall Outfit Ideas

There’s a certain type of girl who we imagine gracefully stretches out of bed in the morning, effortlessly reaches for a few items from her boutique-like closet, and, after launching into a perfect pirouette, lands looking like she’s been styled by a professional. Then, we check ourselves and realize she probably spent twice the time we did groggily piecing together our outfit for the day. If planning ahead is the secret to a consistently killer look (or a big one, anyway), you might want to start brainstorming what to wear next week — like, now. But, since we’re not ones to stress over an outfit lineup like we’re directing a runway show, we put together a video showing you how to create seven days’ worth of ensembles around a few key fall pieces from Primark, the new-to-America fashion retailer debuting in Boston on September 10.

Above, see how to wear all six essentials, including a classic striped tee, a sleeveless sweaterdress, and a must-have plaid scarf, two days in a row — without looking like you slept in yesterday’s outfit. Mixed up with styles you already own and major fall trend pieces, each one is the common denominator in two totally different looks. Yep, second-day style just became a thing. On a roll? Check out even more what-to-wear inspiration here.

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