5 Unity Rituals That Will Make Your Wedding Ceremony Feel Way More Personal

photographed by Ashley Armitage; modeled by Beija Flor; modeled by Jessica Taylor; produced by Lorenna Gomez-Sanchez; produced by Megan Madden.
In the age of overdone, over-cute, and over-Pinterested weddings, it's fair to want your ceremony to be as simple as possible. But, "simple" doesn't have to mean "by the book." An easy — and meaningful — way to make your wedding feel truly personal is to add something known as a unity ritual to an otherwise traditional ceremony.
Reverend, author, and wedding celebrant Hannah Desmond says a unity ritual is "any ritual or ceremony integrated into the marriage ceremony that symbolizes two becoming one."
Beyond that, unity rituals are what you make them. They can be elaborate or minor. They can be religiously inspired or totally secular. They might vary depending on your officiant's interpretation of them — and you and your partner can always put your own personal spin on them, too. They're simply meant to add dimension and gravity to your wedding, Rev. Desmond says.
Ahead, Rev. Desmond highlights five common unity rituals you could incorporate into your wedding.

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