Holy…Matrimony! The Average Bride Spends $26,989 On Her Wedding

Brides released its annual wedding study yesterday, looking into the habits of brides and grooms in 2012…and let's just say that we are all crazy.
More than ever, weddings are becoming blockbuster events for a couple, and an opportunity to show off their unique, personalized, and expensive tastes to their friends and families (and the cameras).
This year, the average cost of weddings increased to $26,989 (to be fair though, more couples nowadays — 36% compared to 29% in 2009 — are paying for the wedding themselves rather than relying on their parents), the average wedding gown costs $1,355, the average bridesmaid dress $145, the average groomsman outfit rounds out at $137, and the average for honeymoon attire (hold up — that's a thing?) has increased to $902. Most interestingly, 59% of couples use Pinterest to find and organize wedding inspiration, which explains how 31% have custom cocktails at their weddings.
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Photo: Via Kate Headley/Brides

— 20% of couples get engaged in December
— 19% marry in June
— Average time of engagement is now 14.7 months (down from 15.4 in 2011)
— The size of the average wedding guest list is 153
— Most brides have two bridal showers
— Sit-down meals (42%) are just as common as buffets (41%)
— The average cost for photography is $2,186 (up from $2,087 in 2011)
— The average cost of the ring is $1,594
— The average cost of the wedding cake is $486

Photo: Via Brides

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