We Want to Believe: An Ebay Monster Mash

As reported elsewhere, this summer has been the season of the monster. From the Montauk Monster, to Bigfoot, to El Chupacabra (the office favorite), legendary critters have been in the news and on our minds. Naturally, our imaginations always inform our browsing, so we ventured into the deepest, darkest forests of eBay under cover of darkness and emerged with these eerie artifacts. Beware—the freaks come out at night.
Above, clockwise from top middle:
You might want to think about using this gordy reincarnation of Nessie the Loch Ness Monster as a centerpiece at your Thanksgiving feast.
Caught, captured, or killed. What is the status of your favortie beastie? Check it out in these vintage World News issues.
Is it Sloth? The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man? Princess Di? Jesus? For just a few cents, you can be the one to decide whose face appears in this Ruby Tuesday's piece of toast.
Bigfoot. Sasquatch. Yeti. This button collection gives you all your faves.
Above, clockwise, from left:

Bigfoot write book.
You buy. Bigfoot get royalties. Bigfoot move to Malibu.

This mounted Chupacabra head
would fit well on your living-room side-table right next to your cauldron.
When we see Elvis again, we expect he'll be rockin' his equally legendary buddy on his belt.
Keep the Abominable Snowman close to your heart by pairing this precious tuft of Yeti hair with a vintage keepsake locket.
Not pictured:
Forget backstage passes at Radiohead. This VIP tag will get you into the only restricted area that matters.
Hard day at work? Complain all you want, wood-grain E.T. won't give you flack.

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