Check Out These Groovy Prints — This Line Has Art For Yards!

It's a rare day when we can use the words timeless and trendy together to describe a collection, but The Hellers is our new jam for precisely that reason. Surprisingly, every punchy piece has both quirk and class.
Rocking a seriously long-distance relationship (she lives overseas in Tel Aviv, he lives here in L.A.), sibling duo Dania and Yotam Heller have produced a limited-edition line for spring that kicks convention to the curb, but somehow maintains a vividly vintage vibe. Dainty dresses, tops, and skirts ooze of art that's worthy of a living room wall, and now our closets, too!
The luxe, expertly sewn fabrics are sourced from all over the world, but the individual prints come at you straight from the designers' eccentric minds. And get this — these were based on 18th and 19th Century botanical illustrations, but rendered in 3D. The spark of inspiration behind them is a doozy, too: "I imagined Jane Eyre escaping to the wild Aeolian islands of Sicily, a restraint that breaks free in a wild untamed nature," Dania explains. How's that for paradoxical? Wondering how all of that actually plays out? Go ahead and click through for your end-of-week dose of pretty and punk.
Photos: Via We Are The Hellers

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