Art Fans Will Love This Watercolor Eye Look — & It’s SO Easy To Copy!

Iconic French painter Claude Monet's Water Lilies series isn't just for the museum. With this ethereal eyeshadow look, we're evoking the radiant purples and blues of the legendary artist's watercolor brush strokes. Watch the video above to see the full look, then use the steps below to copy it at home. See, we always said you were a work of art.
Left Eye
One of the things that keeps this look arty — and makes it especially easy to copy — is the fact that the eyes are different. The left eye has more detail, so let's break that down first...
Step 1: Using a small, round shadow brush, lightly swipe a deep, earthy purple color in an arch shape. Start just above the inner corner of your eye, swipe it upwards, then diffuse the color into the crease.
Step 2. Dab a metallic neutral (like beige, silver, bronze, or gold) on the center of the eyelid. This brightens the eye.
Step 3. Use a clean smudging brush to soften the dark purple hue, extend the color at the beginning and end, then top it with a slightly brighter purple in the center. (By adding the deeper swipe first, you add dimension to the brighter purple.)
Step 4. Using a small shadow brush, apply a bright-blue shadow on the inner half of the eye lid and into the crease.
Step 5. Use a blending brush to soften the edges of your blue shadow.
Step 6. Using a small, angled brush, smudge your brighter purple into the bottom lash line. Buff any harsh edges with your blending brush.
Right Eye
This one is up to you — artist's choice!
Tip: Borrow whatever you like from the left eye and repeat it on the right. We opted for a bright purple swipe in the crease, a bit of the blue smudged under the eye, and a wash of the neutral over the lid.

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