Vogue Italia Whips Up a Fine Dark 'n Stormy Outside Our Very Own La Esquina

La Esquina was always that bright, glowing awning on Kenmare that promised taco-and-margarita nourishment for tired, drunken revelers at 4 a.m. Who knew, then, that it could also be the star of such a dark and moody editorial in this month's Vogue Italia, photographed by Greg Lotus? Looking more like the corner diner of a '20s Fritz Lang film noir than the kitschy tin taco stand of today, vixens Tanya D, Christina Carey, and Janete Friedrich strut, pout, and smoke plenty of cigarettes, all while ensconced in a black-and-white air of mystery. Oh, how we long for it to be acceptable to walk around our here city streets in a fur collar and suede elbow-length gloves once again! But we might still be inspired to buy a lace dress for our next La Esquina run regardless. (The Fashion Spot)

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