8 Innovative Apps That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Designed by Vero Romero.
If you played a highlight reel of historic inventions, it might go something like this: stone tools, the wheel, writing, the steam engine, some other stuff, and then the smartphone. But progress doesn't only mean gadgets and gizmos that propel humanity forward in bounds — it's also about smaller, yet just as crucial, innovations that make the day to day a bit more convenient. Take an app, for instance, that's whole gist is providing a solution for one specific problem. (Just think back to when you couldn't pay a friend for coffee with a click or instantly ID a song you definitely slow-danced to at your sixth-grade winter formal but have since forgotten.)
To help you get even more mileage out of your phone’s homescreen, we’re rounding up eight of our favorite ingenious apps that will make your life so much easier — from signing up for an unlimited phone plan with Visible to splitting the check faster than you can say "carry the one." Keep clicking to find out more, and get ready for a lot of downloading.

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