Victoria’s Secret Models Dish On Their Own Underwear

After peppering you with the 411 on all the things you need to do, see, eat, drink, and eat this Valentine's Day (or how to avoid couples), we're pretty sure you're already prepped and as psyched as we are for V-Day. But when we got the chance to interview a couple of Victoria's Secret Angels yesterday, we just had to shoot this over your way. We couldn't care less about Cupid when we've got love-ly advice from REAL heavenly bodies. Listen up as models Lily Aldridge and Erin Heatherton clue us in on the lingerie they love to wear (two words: push-up!), to where you'll be spotting them this Fashion Week.
What's your best underwear tip?
Lily Aldridge (above): "Find stuff you're comfortable in and that suits your body type. What's good for me won't be the same for another girl. There's so many different things that could be sexy. Sometimes cotton underwear can be sexy, sometimes lacy is sexy. It depends on the occasion and what you're comfortable in."

Check out our interviews with the gals below:

Any favorite hangouts?
Lily: "My favorite NY hangout is this bar called The Cabin, which is really fun and mellow and they play rock and roll music. They have this drink called Cabin Down Below, a really delicious tequila drink."
What's your favorite thing to wear to bed?
Erin Heatherton (above): "I just wear bra and panties. Too bad, because it doesn't necessarily stay on!"

It's New York Fashion Week. What are you looking forward to this season?

Erin: "Doing shows. It's such a thrill for me to walk down the runway. I was nervous on stage growing up, I never really liked it and I always had a bit of stage fright. But once you learn to enjoy walking shows, when you feel confident, it's such a huge accomplishment for me personally, so I love to walk the shows.
I hope I do Michael Kors. He's so much fun and i really like him as a person and I love his collection. It' s always the show I look forward to."

So how did you celebrate the first time you earned your "wings"?
Erin: "My boyfriend went out and got a bottle of champagne for us. We had a little toast, it was very special."
What's the sexiest thing someone's every done to you?
Lily: "Done to me? Geesh... Cooking me a romantic dinner is pretty sexy. I don't thing you can get much more romantic than that."
Erin: "My boyfriend always shows up with bouquets of roses. He's really good at picking out flowers and I always let them dry and keep them. For me, flowers are always the most romantic thing."
What was the last piece of lingerie you bought?
Lily: "I literally just two days ago bought the Love push-up bra and the matching panties in wild strawberry. I had ordered the black one and it fit me so good. I was walking around the apartment in front of my boyfriend, asking him "How good is the bra?" and he loved it so I went online and bought the pink one for Valentine's. It's such a great bra, gives you great cleavage, it makes you sexy and it's still comfortable."
Erin: "I ordered the Love Balconet push-up bra. In case my boyfriend doesn't get it for me, I bought it for myself to wear! I got the hot pink one. When you're tan, it looks so good against your skin."

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