My Style: Victor Glemaud

Victor Glemaud is slowly redefining contemporary menswear one colorful cardigan at a time. Here, the designer powwows with us to reveal his best-kept style secrets. By Johnathan Lawhorne
v_glemaud_largeopenerMuch like the confident hues of his menswear, the Victor Glemaud man must have some swagger. For this designer's garments are not for the faint of heart. And as you might expect, Glemaud's own self-possessed style serves as the barometer for all his quirky collections.
Since the launch of his eponymous label in July of 2006, following his work with Paco Rabanne designer, Patrick Robinson, the Glemaud collection has slowly but surely begun to blossom with some noteworthy buzz. His dynamic designs are characterized by a refined sensibility infused with a definitive sense of humor—that translates to ebulliently bright cardigans and relaxed tailored trousers, sometimes cropped into boy-shorts. Considering the eclectic range of garments, one might expect the man behind the label to be quite the tastemaker…and he doesn't disappoint. Here, Glemaud divulges the style secrets that constitute his sartorial success.
technicolorjeans_glemaud1. Technicolor Jeans.
"I have several pairs of assorted denim that I purchased from a vintage store in Tokyo. I have a pair in blue, pink, yellow, purple, and orange. My collection is about color, and I believe every outfit needs a strong and interesting piece to balance it out. I wore a variation on the classic tuxedo once just by switching out the pants with a pair of my colorful jeans."
Super Slim Kim jeans by Nudie
classicshoes_mystyleglemaud2. Classic Shoes.
"I am all about classic shoe styles, notables being Sergio Rossi and JM Weston. It is about a play on relaxed menswear. I like to mix in a traditional shoe with a colorful jean to break up the whole ensemble."
Sergio Rossi spring/summer 2007 styles
cardigans_glemaudmystyle13. Cardigans.
"This is the one item that I wear year-round mostly out of necessity. Even in warmer weather, it is crucial because someone in New York always has air-conditioning on, no matter the season! Also, a cardigan functions as a great layering piece that can either be worn in a relaxed fashion or dressed up to be more formal. Cardigans represent that pivotal transition piece. And, more so, you always need a great knit piece."
Victor Glemaud fall/winter 2007 collection layered cardigans
4. Helmut Lang Bracelets.
"About six years ago, I was at a Helmut Lang show and the backstage credentials were these rubber bracelets that were white, black, and a taupe color. Since then I have always worn them as jewelry and will never take them off. When I first received them they were soft and malleable but now they have hardened from wear and tear. I never wear any other form of jewelry, just the bracelets."
brooksbros_mystyleglemaud5. Brooks Brothers Oxford Shirts.
"My staple piece is most definitely a Brooks Brothers oxford shirt. It is an American classic, and it adds another layer to a full look. I love them because they are breathable and you can always find such a variety like an interesting color or stripe. For me, it’s always about the way the shirt is incorporated into an entire ensemble. Once again, it is about a play between contrasting styles."
Victor Glemaud menswear is available in Los Angeles at Maxfield, 8825 Melrose Avenue, West Hollywood; 310-274-8800.
Portrait by Piera Gelardi
Victor Glemaud is slowly redefining contemporary menswear one colorful cardigan at a time. Here, the designer powwows with us to reveal his best-kept style secrets.

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