The Newest Way To Get Your R29 Fix

Photographed by Rockie Nolan.
If you’ve ever seen the phrase TL;DR — that’s "Too Long, Didn’t Read" — pop up on your screen and nodded in agreement, you know the thought process. Give me the abridged version or nothing at all, because I’m currently juggling my coffee and phone in one hand and gym bag in the other while attempting to commute to work. That’s why Refinery29 is now on Versy, a messaging and content-sharing app made for busy people like us, which you can download right here for iOS and here for Android. The posts on your feed are short, sweet, and snackable, so you can always get the news and inspiration you love, even when you hardly have time to skim a story. And get this: Refinery29 has officially been dubbed the "King" of fashion content on Versy. So be sure to check back every day to see bitesize versions of our tips, tricks, and trends — and what's more, to interact and start conversations about them. All that is to say, R29 to-go is a go.

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