The Secrets To Earning Verification Status

The little blue "Verified" check has become a status symbol across a number of social networks. But its meaning differs slightly from site to site. Here's what you need to know about earning one of your very own — and why it might be worth it to apply.


How to get verified: Twitter doesn't accept requests for verification, so your chances of snagging that signature blue check are slim if you're not a "highly sought-after" figure in fields such as politics, music, media, and sports. However, if you want others to know that your account is authentic, Twitter recommends linking to your page from another personal site (your blog, LinkedIn, etc). The perks: While there isn't a glamorous verified user clubhouse (only in our dreams), you will get more control over your feed and page. You get options such as the ability to opt out of direct messages and can get extra information about your followers and overall engagement.


How to get verified: Verification on Insta isn't easy. The company has a more limited verification scope and takes its time to assess potential candidates. The main purpose of the status is to identify authentic accounts (separating a real celeb from an imposter or fan account), so those who are most eligible for verification are those at a high risk of being impersonated online. The perks: You'll appear higher up in search results, meaning you're more likely to earn extra "likes" on that summer ice cream photo, and additional followers. For those who want to become an in-demand influencer, verification is a major plus, but you'll have to work on building your fan base before the company takes note.


How to get verified: Is Leo actually on Tinder or is it just a Jack Dawson wannabe? Tinder's verification process, which has existed since July 2015, is there to help you identify if a celebrity, athlete, or other notable public figure's account is real. If you want to be considered, you can email The perks: There are no perks to being verified as of now, but consider it a service to the rest of the Tinder community — nobody wants to swipe right on a fake Ryan Gosling.


How to get verified: You earn VIBee status, as the dating app's verified users are known, by displaying good behavior. What does that mean? You are a respectful member of the Bumble community who treats others with kindness (no nasty messages) and are responsive to matches, says Bumble's founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe. To put yourself at the top of the candidate list, you can request VIBee status within the app. The perks: You're not flagged as a crazy person. "Having the VIBee badge sends out a signal to the rest of the user base saying that you've never harassed anyone on the platform and that you're a good user," Wolfe says. Another bonus is that you can go into VIBee mode, which allows you to see only those who are also VIBees. This gives you a better chance of matching with a responsive (and non-creepy) user.


How to get verified: Much like Twitter and Instagram, verification is limited to those who are well-known public figures (Kim K. and the like) and influencers. If you think you fit the bill and want a shot, you can submit your request here. The perks: Verified users get access to the Facebook Mentions app, which offers ways for you to see what others are saying about you, easily share information across your social networks, and more. But non-verified users can now get in on one of Mentions' biggest perks: live stories. Facebook opened up this feature, which lets you post live video, to the general public at the end of January.

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