The Venus Star Point Is The Best Day Of The Year For Love (& Money)

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The Venus Portal occurs when Venus retrograde slips behind the degrees of the Sun: Venus needs to link up with the Sun and then retrograde past it. The portal is what we call the energetic shift which occurs at that moment in time. This will be one of the major shake ups of the summer and August 13 will bring this cosmic change to center stage in the sign Leo, which is known for its artistic, loving, and passionate nature.
Two major cosmic phenomenons are happening on August 13. First, the Sun and Venus retrograde connect for their annual union, which is called The Venus Star Point or “cazimi” (a Latin term that translates to “the heart of the Sun”). This is a conjunction between the two planets, meaning they align at the exact same degrees. The last Venus Star Point in Leo occurred four years ago on August 14, 2019. This is the next part of the story that began then. Since Venus runs in an eight-year cycle, it’s important to note that this is the final chapter of the Venus Star Point from August 15, 2015 (the last time Venus was retrograde in Leo). 
The second point of astrological interest happening on August 13 is Venus shifting from being an evening star to being a morning star. Venus will now be clockwise from the Sun in the sky — that is, after the planetary conjunction — and technically in lesser degrees than the Leo Sun. As a morning star, Venus is led by its desires and emotions. One will make impulsive decisions when it comes to romance and never think of the consequences. As an evening star, Venus, can make us ruminate and dwell over the past, without moving forward. Relationships are serious business and must be handled with delicacy. 
The Venus Star Point is urging us to reflect upon our heartfelt desires and asking us to connect with what we value. Once the Venus Portal occurs, our passions will be heightened. With the wildcard planet Uranus activating the Venus Portal, we’ll act extra quickly and erratically. The centaur Chiron and asteroid Vesta are in close proximity to the portal, we may run towards partnerships and projects that heal us and make us feel whole. Although the Fixed Star Ras Elased Australis (situated on the lion’s head in the Leo constellation) echoes that sentiment and fires up the need for artistic expression, it reminds us to look before we leap. Make bold moves, sweeping changes, and lead with the heart, just try to pay attention to your actions. 

What to manifest with the Venus Portal in Leo:

Start a gratitude journal. Write down the simple pleasures in life that make you happy as well as the things you admire about yourself. Don’t be shy in gracing the pages of your personal journal with positive thoughts about yourself. The more often you do this practice, the sooner you’ll be to connect with the parts of yourself that you love. Before you know it, you’ll transform the way you look at yourself and become more confident. 
Daydreams have the power to become things — just ask any famous entrepreneur or inventor. The more you think about what you want to bring to fruition, the easier it is to envision it in the world you live in. Visualizing your ideas in your head everyday will give you insight as to how you want to manifest your desires. Combining meditation with visualization can turn on the creative side of your brain and allow you mentalize sounds, colors, smells, and tastes. This will lead to major ideas and insights into your creative process.
Fear sets in when we think about the past or future. Disregard the would’ve, should’ve, and could haves that are running through your mind by focusing on the present. The here and now is all that matters, as the past is over with and the future hasn’t occurred. This simple act can change your whole attitude and vibe. It’ll help you in keeping you calm (by changing the vibes coming into your auric zone) and letting positivity into your life.
It’s important to offer Venus a gift before calling the energy in. You can offer roses, sunflowers, sweets, candy, or champagne as a present before invoking Venus. Put those on your altar or a clean space near the candle work you’ll be doing. Next, you’ll carve your name and zodiac sign into a pink candle (be aware of fire safety measures and use them). The reason we use pink for love is because it’s the color associated with the planet Venus. Then, write down what you want to bring into your love life. Take this paper and fold it up and place it under a bowl of water. Put the candle in the bowl of water and light it as you meditate on your romantic hopes and goals. 
Add cinnamon or basil to the foods or drinks that you ingest. Teas, breads, or deserts are good options for money manifesting — but you can make whatever you want with those ingredients. Food or kitchen magic is a great way to bring abundance into your life by using herbs and spices that transform your life into something you eat. Just set the intention and before taking a sip or a bite with the ingredients in it to get the desired effect and outcome you want.
**Please be sure to be precise with your intentions. There may be surprises along the way and it could take some time along the way because of Venus’s retrograde motion. Be patient — your dreams will come to you if you align them with your actions and thoughts. Make sure you give your desires TLC in order to bring them to life.

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