Time To Manifest Abundance — The Lion’s Gate Portal Is Here

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On August 8 the radiant and vibrant Lion’s Gate Portal arrives. This is the annual alignment of the Leo Sun and the star Sirius (hence the lion element). This magical gateway is filled with heartfelt desires and although the portal is open from July 28 to August 12, the 8th is when it hits the brightest and highest vibration due to its connection to universal life and confidence. This marks a moment of increased energy flowing in the world  between the spiritual and physical planes. It’s a divine day to set intentions for the upcoming months and year, and to watch them manifest with time.
According to numerology, the number eight is a number that represents infinity. Also, the continuous circle of life and flow of energy that transcends the world as well as everyone and everything living in it. In many cultures, eight is considered to be an abundant, prosperous, and lucky number. Astrologically, it depicts power and transformation. In tarot, Strength is numbered as the 8th card in the Major Arcana (according to most decks) and shows a woman taming a lion with the infinity symbol over the crown of her head — giving her the courage to take on even the wildest of creatures and challenges. All the more reason why 8/8 is a powerful day to start setting intentions.
The astrology of 8/8 or 8:8 is very intense, as Lion’s Gate occurs during the Last Quarter Moon in Taurus. This lunar phase asks us to release our trepidations from the last and acknowledge our deepest wishes with the hope of making them a reality. Ideas have the power to become things, especially with the Taurus moon who’s aiding in our spiritual awakening. Since the Venus Star Point (the annual connection of the Sun and Venus) falls on August 13, it’s a pivotal time to reflect on what we truly desire (due to Venus being  retrograde). Therefore, we should lean into our visions on this day. 
Here are ways to celebrate and honor the Lion’s Gate Portal:

Take time to manifest abundance 

Focus on your desire and journal your passions. Being clear, concise, and honest (the more detail, the better) about what you want is important, as it’ll help the universe understand what you are trying to bring into your life. Give these dreams zest and light but frequently meditation and carrying positive thoughts about them. By attracting these visions into our lives and hearts, we are manifesting them. Also, carrying these crystals around with you can help by bringing in prosperity and adding luck to your life: green jade, tiger’s eye, citrine, and malachite. 

Be confiden

The most important relationship is the one that you have with yourself. Let the biggest and grandest love affair in your life start with you. Level up your confidence by reading daily affirmations stating all of your wonderful attributes. The more you practice this daily ritual, the better you’ll begin to feel about yourself. Stand in front of the mirror twice a day and say words that inspire you to embrace the radiant being that you are. Pretty soon, you will begin to realize how beautiful you are on the inside and out. Flaunt it, bbs!

It's time to practice gratitude

More often than not, we don’t see the wonderful things we have attained personally, professionally, and romantically. Now is the ideal time to take a step back and take notice of the amazing opportunities you have. Appreciate all that you’ve achieved in the past and everything that you currently have to feel awesome about your achievements and existence. Applaud yourself and own your successes. Be proud of yourself! Believe in yourself and everything good will follow. As always, you got this!

Go on, visualize your goals 

Make a vision board on your phone or on a piece of paper with images of things and positive words or phrases that you want to bring into your life. Since seeing is believing, looking at these pictures places together throughout the day will keep you on track and help you attain your goals. By seeing this, you’ll be able to understand your wishes and desires by capturing the essence of the images in your conscious thoughts. It’ll help to bring them to fruition. 

It's important to connect with nature 

Forest bathing is an activity that aligns one’s spirit with nature. Taking a walk or hike will help detox your mind of negative thinking. You’ll be able to cleanse your spirit and welcome fresh energy into your aura. Plus, being under the Sun and the star Sirius will refresh, reinvigorate, and revive your body, mind, and heart. Soak up the good vibes by connecting to Mother Nature at this moment in time. You won’t regret it — in fact, you will relish in it.

Set aside time for self-care 

Treat yourself to any personal endeavor or ritual that brings you pleasure. If you’re longing for a moment of calm or chill, consider having a massage. A warm bath, reiki, chakra care with healing crystals (you just have to place the stones on your chakras to cleanse them and remove blockages), hearty meal, meditation, and even bed rotting are things you can do for R & R during Lion’s Gate. Do some of these activities outside or open up a window to get the mystical vibes and energy into your routine or treatment.

Look for love 

Leo rules the heart chakra, it’s important to bring love into our lives and give TLC to others. If you’re looking for love, crushing on someone new, or wanting to evolve an existing relationship by taking it to the next level, you have to give the people you care about adoration and affection, instead of hogging the spotlight solely for yourself. Go on Tinder or the dating apps and swipe right, take steps towards letting your crush know how you feel, and give more energy towards making a commitment work.  Don’t hesitate in planning a romantic evening and when roaring out one’s emotions, be loud in order for others to hear you (if you’re opting to write a letter or poem, make sure your words are poignant). Be declarative and certain of your emotions. As long as you are embracing happiness and letting go of commitment fears, then you’re on track to bringing love into your world. 

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