Leo Season Is Here — & It’s No Time For You To Be Shy

Photographed by Megan Madden
The sun’s planetary ingress into Leo marks the midsummer journey into our desires. From July 22 to August 23, Leo season is here to roar out our passions and to boldly embrace our creative visions. Now that we are moving towards the heart of the summer, the fiery month ahead pushes us to reach for our goals and to stop at nothing in order to attain them. The sun is shining brightly on the earth, pushing us to fearlessly explore our aspirations. Nothing can stop us now, especially since we have the power of the almighty sun guiding us towards greatness.
The zodiac sign Leo rules the heart chakra. This means that in the weeks ahead, we’ll be deciphering between our desires and needs in relationships, while generously giving our time and energy to others. The caveat is that Venus retrograde will be in full force in the same sign as the sun. We can expect our pride and egos to take a backseat as we work through confusing and all encompassing matters of the heart. The best day to take action around and make decisions on such matters is August 13, when the sun unites with Venus retrograde and strengthens our relationship with others and brings understanding to our needs in partnerships. 
Although Venus retrograde may put a slight damper on our self-esteem, it doesn’t mean that we’ll lack confidence. On the flip side, the month ahead will give us the chance to get noticed — not by just our loved ones but by employers, acquaintances, and colleagues. If we push ourselves to overcome personal obstacles and take command of our lives, then the sky’s the limit. Even if we have to fake it to make it, putting ourselves out there in the public requires a sense of pride and respect. Embrace these sentiments to assure success in all that you do. 
Additionally, taking charge of matters and sharing knowledge with others will allow us to be seen and heard. No one can stand in our way as we move towards our goals and hopes. If they do, then they’ll have to move along before they are clawed out of the way altogether. To be frank, it’s okay to be selfish and stand from an ego point during Leo season. This is the moment to put ourselves first. Everyone else comes second to us. 
For those who find it hard to express their love for themselves, it may be hard to vye for breadcrumbs of attention and affection. Being one’s own PR person could be challenging for those who are modest. Therefore, it’s time to ditch the humble and passive approach to situations. Be loud and ostentatious, brag about your accomplishments, post thirst traps on social media, and show off your fabulous life to the world. Wear sequins and neon colors. Lean into your personal style. Flaunt your success. The reason why you should brag about your accomplishments is because the universe wants you to believe in yourself and to be confident. It’s not the month to be shy. 
With this newly found faith in ourselves, brought on by Leo season, nothing will stop us from living our best lives. We have the power to create the future we want and now is the time to get started. Venus retrograde gives us the chance to reignite the flame within and to rebuild our foundations in a more sustainable way than ever. So, don’t hear the retrograde during the hot dog days under the Leo Sun. Remember, the stars want to improve our lives for the better.
Important astrological days during Leo season: 
July 22: The Sun moves into Leo.
July 23: Pluto retrograde in Capricorn squares the Nodes of Destiny, urging us to spiritually grow and evolve. 
July 28: Mercury enters Virgo, allowing us to communicate clearly and concisely. Also, to be as pragmatic and clear headed as possible. 
August 1: The Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to put reason before emotion. Understanding our feelings is important and will help us process the best ways to express our emotions. 
August 16: The New Moon in Leo pushes us to embrace our dreams and passions. 

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