This Cosmic Phenomenon Will Put Your Relationship To The Test

Photo: John Fowler/Unsplash.
Every nine to 12 months, the Sun — the brightest and most powerful star in our sky — links up with the planet Venus. When these two align, they form an astrological aspect that’s called “cazimi” (which translates to “in the heart of the sun”), and sparks begin to fly. This particular transit is called the Venus Star Point.
2022 brings two conjunctions between the Sun and Venus. The first one occurred in Capricorn on January 8, when Venus was retrograde, a time during which we were reassessing and revising the terms of relationships. The second one occurs on October 22 in Libra, and will mark a moment where we decide if we want to bounce or stay in partnerships. Being that the Venus Star Point hasn’t been in Libra in 150 years, it’s a rare cosmic occurrence, and it will transform our love lives for the next eight years (we’ll begin to feel it in four years, at the midpoint for this transit). 
According to astrologer and author Arielle Guttman, who coined the term “Venus Star Point” to refer to this phenomenon, the planet forms a five-pointed pentagram in the sky, based on the current transit, plus the two Venus Star Points that occurred before and that will occur after this one. It affects everyone, particularly Libras (because it’s in their Sun sign), air signs Gemini and Aquarius, and anyone who has planets at 29 degrees (the degree the Venus Star Point falls in) in their natal birth chart. 
What makes the Venus Star Point in Libra spectacular is that we’ll begin to see a cultural shift — not only in how we partner, but in how we invest and handle money. Hairstyles, fashion, music, and entertainment will also change (Guttman points out that during the Venus Star Point in dramatic Leo that occurred in the late ‘80s, we saw big hair and shoulder pads; in the ‘90s, the Venus Star Point in austere Capricorn gave way to a more serious approach with alternative music.) With the Venus Star Point in Libra, people will be drawn to luxurious fabrics in lovely colours. Yes, pastels are making a comeback — as well as rom-coms and good old-fashioned love songs. 
Transformative Pluto is adding an intensity to the Venus Star Point in Libra, making us feel the necessity of growth and change in our relationships. If a situation isn’t working out now, odds are it won’t evolve — unless both parties are willing to make it work. Pluto can be a helping energy, if you embrace the idea of reworking and reconstructing partnerships. It’s hard work, but if both parties are willing to roll their sleeves up and give their all, then they should. If you find the opposite to be true, then it’s time to rethink the partnership and decide whether or not it’s in your best interest to stay. 
Over the next eight years, we may even see a shift in the way society views certain taboos, particularly those surrounding sex, as Pluto breaks down and change contemporary views, urging us to accept all elements of the Venusian vibe. The Venus Star Point in Libra is going to bring a lot of new and novel ideas into our lives. Are you ready?
For extra credit, if you want to find the Venus Star Point in your natal chart, look at the conjunction between the Sun and Venus that occurred before your birthday. Then, apply it to your chart (the aspects it makes to other planets and the house it falls in) to understand what your heart desires and yearns for.

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