Venus In Leo Is The Perfect Opportunity To Impress Your Crush

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The lusty planet Venus will be in Leo from July 11 to August 4. Please expect to be showered in love (and to do the same to others) as we ignite our passionate natures. As the leader of the pack, Venus in Leo isn't shy to let their most authentic feelings be known. They’ll never hold back, will always take a stand regarding love and will always demand respect. 
Venus in Leo takes a prideful approach to romantic relationships and finances. When it comes to investing money, Venus in Leo will take calculated risks. But they will also spend on a whim so it’s worth creating a budget and keeping track of our finances. This placement would run away from a situation rather than beg for love, money or friendship: Venus in Leo doesn't like others to see their vulnerability and puts on a brave face when divulging their emotions. 
However, this astrological combination will always aim to protect, care for, honor and be loyal to those they adore. Venus in Leo can be compassionate, kind, strong and fierce. At the core, Venus in Leo is bold, dynamic and generous regarding romance and financial situations. They’ll give to those who reciprocate affection and demonstrate devotion. The caveat is that Venus in Leo lives in the limelight and wants to be at the center of relationships. Drama and theatrics are notorious characteristics of Venus in Leo and they are known to be over the top. Gifts and presents are their love language and they’ll always appreciate a thoughtful token of gratitude — as long as it’s not a handout. Their hubris won’t permit it. Venus in Leo will pull out all the stops to impress those they're crushing on.
As a fixed fire sign, Leo doesn’t sway in its emotions. When it comes to matters of the heart, they’ll remain at the side of their best friend and significant other, especially when the going gets tough. Venus in Leo is accommodating, fun and also a little selfish in partnerships. They demand fidelity, acknowledgment, praise and allegiance. If you can't be their ride-or-die, Venus in Leo will roar and take their claws out, never to apologize unless you start the conversation and express regret. Then they’ll follow.
The heart chakra is represented by Leo, making this astrological transit one that will touch us deeply. Exercising the heart muscle and cleansing the chakra by placing healing rose quartz on it will strengthen and mend our sentiments. Creative endeavors will be high as Venus in Leo lets our talents shine. Taking on a hobby or artistic endeavor is crucial since it'll give us a healthy outlet for ourselves instead of allowing our unused energy and emotions to reach a fever pitch.
This year, Venus in Leo will affect the collective differently. With Saturn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces creating a minor frustration with Venus in Leo, we’ll experience self-esteem issues and we might question our judgments. There will be challenges along the way, with Pluto retrograde in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus shifting romantic perspectives, pushing us to evolve. Change is challenging due to the fixed nature of Venus in Leo. But we must keep an open mind and heart to grow with the times and relationships. Doing so could lead to greatness so keeping ourselves receptive to all possibilities is essential. 
Important dates: 
July 11: Venus enters Leo, heightening our desires and emotions. The next few weeks will be full of exciting and enchanting moments. 
July 12: Venus in Leo opposes Pluto retrograde in Aquarius, bringing power struggles, triangular situations and evolution to the forefront of our lives.
July 19: Venus in Leo harmonizes with the Nodes of Destiny, urging us to make decisions that will affect our future.
July 21: Venus in Leo connects with Jupiter in Gemini, expanding the need to find pleasure and joy in all we do. 
July 26: Venus in Leo creates a quincunx with Saturn retrograde in Pisces, minimizing our confidence and wallets. 
July 30: Venus in Leo links up with the centaur Chiron retrograde in Aries, healing heartbreak and past struggles.  
August 2: Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, pushing us to break free and out of partnerships that are holding us back. 
August 4: Venus in Leo makes a quincunx with Neptune retrograde in Pisces, allowing us to see the truth in relationships and move past the illusions made by ourselves.

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