Venus Is In Gemini — It’s Time To Spend Your Energy On Having Fun & Flirting

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It’s time for Venus to get chatty and spontaneous, as from May 23 to June 17, the planet is in Gemini. The upcoming weeks will give us a chance to tease and stimulate our senses and to communicate our desires, feelings, and awesomeness to others — especially those we are trying to impress.
Venus leads with the heart, and Gemini leads with the mind. When these two planets come together, they attract people who are intellectual and offer us an exciting perspective on love. Venus in Gemini thrives in diversity and likes a challenge. This planetary placement is more apt to have intense all-night conversations with their significant other and debate historical facts, politics, or movie preferences as a way of flirting. The goal of Venus in Gemini is to understand others on a profound level. If that means immediately cutting to a person’s core — then so be it. 
Since Gemini is the only sign of the zodiac with a perpetual life partner in the sky (also known as their twin), the mutable air sign is extremely relationship-oriented. After all, it’s always looking for a ride or die to perk their interests and stimulate their minds. Venus in Gemini longs for connection — particularly with those with different views and beliefs. According to Venus in Gemini, variety is the spice of life, and this thought is applied to relationships. Venus in Gemini tends to gravitate towards people who make them think. For Venus in Gemini to remain interested, this is essential. 
The caveat to the upbeat energy is that this placement has a duality. Gemini is known for its two faces and the ability to be a trickster. This means there are two sides to their intentions and to their personality. Contrary to popular belief, Venus in Gemini isn’t intentionally deceitful (every sign can lie, cheat, and steal); it’s just that they play by their own rules (which are different every day). Venus and Gemini can be changeable, so different sides of the personality will persist. But Venus in Gemini will laugh off the drama and move forward quickly.
Communication is vital with Venus in Gemini, meaning we can expect to receive and send numerous text messages and DMs to those we’re crushing on, and there is no shame in the game. Enjoy yourself, and don’t hesitate to verbalize your sexual desires. Venus in Gemini loves to talk dirty and understand their partner’s kinks.
When it comes to finances, Venus in Gemini is not thrifty. This transit will encourage us to spend on a whim without thinking about the future and not save our pennies for a rainy day. Venus in Gemini wants what is directly in front of them, so we won’t patiently save up; instead, we may talk ourselves out of making a long-term purchase that requires us to pinch our spending right now and instead buy something to soothe our impulsive temperament. 
Overall, this is a moment when we should not focus on committing to others. Instead, we should spend our energy on having fun, flirting, and celebrating life. Going out on as many dates as possible with different people will allow us to see who and what we like. In the process, we will find ourselves. Also, we define our relationships in our own way and in time.

Important astrological dates:

May 25: Venus and Pluto retrograde come together, heightening our passions. We may feel powerful and want to take charge of our finances or interpersonal relationships. Tread lightly.
June 4: Venus sextiles the north node of destiny, making it a fated time to ask for a raise or go out on a date. Please remember who comes into your life today; they’ll be critical to your future. 
June 4: Venus creates a conjunction with the sun, manufacturing the Venus Star Point and “cazimi” (“the heart of the sun”) aspect. This is a magical day for love and money. Manifest your goals around the two desires by telling the universe your hopes and goals.
June 8: Venus squares Saturn, making us feel stuck in our ways. Don’t stress; change is coming soon. 
June 16: Venus shares a tense aspect with Neptune, heightening our fantasies and making our dreams unrealistic. Try to ground your sentiments.

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