Venus Is In Aries & It’s Going To Be Really Intense For A Bit

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Take note and beware, cosmic beings: Venus will be transiting the sign Aries from April 5 to 29, creating two weeks of fiery passion and desire. The combination of Venus in Aries will be an extremely intense time for us all — so much so that the unfolding cosmic events of April may throw us off course. 
Fear not though: The occurrence of Venus in Aries may be challenging as well as thrilling. When Venus is in Aries, there is a tendency for passion and a desire to take action in partnerships. Usually, Venus thrives on cooperation, serenity, and gentleness, but this transit brings a bit more energy and determination to pursue our desires. This time could be an opportunity for you to explore and fulfill your need for love and sensuality, experiencing excitement at every moment. The caveat is to savor each instance and not move on to the next best thing, which Venus in Aries tends to do.
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is associated with spontaneity and has a lust for life. With Venus, the planet of social graces, money, romance, and confidence in the mix, combining these energies brings an opportunity to identify our needs and wants. While the independent nature of Aries can sometimes lead us to focus on ourselves, this transit encourages us to take risks and be courageous in charming the person we admire and investing time in finding someone who brings joy and excitement to our lives. Financially, we might want to spend without thinking about the future and use the pennies that we’ve been saving for a rainy day on a whim, without thinking about the consequences. It also gives us a sense of bravado and makes us feel we can take on the world because we believe in ourselves.
Pursuing a partner can often be exciting. We might spend more time chasing people for their attention and affection to win them over. However, it’s essential to ensure we’re treated with the same level of effort and care we put into the relationship. It can be pretty challenging to find someone who stimulates both our mind and heart, but Venus in Aries will stop at nothing to find that particular person who we can connect with on a deep level. 
On April 5, Venus moves into Aries, right in the middle of eclipse season, and on top of that, Mercury retrograde has started in the zodiac sign. This year, the romance department may prove to be a little tricky due to Venus entering Aries mid-eclipse season and Mercury’s retrograde in full gear (in case you missed it, the lunar eclipse in Libra occurred on March 25, the great American total solar eclipse in Aries commences on April 8, plus Mercury retrograde started on April 1 and lasts until April 25). Since the sun is also in Aries, the cosmos will be full of frenetic and intense energy during the upcoming weeks while Venus flirts through Aries.
During this time, we may see exes resurfacing from the influence of Mercury’s planetary backspin, but it could also be an opportunity for us to strengthen our relationships. In the past, there have been miscommunications with loved ones, and we may have struggled to manage our finances. Additionally, there may be some turbulence in our interpersonal relationships due to the great American total solar eclipse on April 8, which may bring about significant changes in our lives, particularly in finances and relationships, paving the way for a fresh start.
It’s essential to enjoy the wild ride Venus and Aries bring (if you can) and to be present in the moment. Venus in Aries is allowing us to mend the past and to have a chance at a bright future because it’s clearing out all of the residual energy that’s been weighing on her shoulders. In the end, it will be a healing and positive experience.

Important astrological dates for Venus in Aries: 

April 5: Venus enters Aries and evokes our fiery sentiments.

April 6: Venus aspects Pluto, enabling us to evolve, grow, and thrive.

April 17: Venus aligns with the north node of destiny, enhancing our current and future connections.

April 19: Venus and Mercury retrograde connect, allowing us to confront and process our past heartbreaks, ex-partners, and former friendships. It can be helpful to discuss and deal with any remaining emotional baggage. 

April 21: Venus and the centaur Chiron link up, offering us a chance to heal and mend our wounds.

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