These Products Are Proof That Sometimes, Bigger Really Is Better

Over the past few years of austere minimalism as lifestyle trend, the beauty industry has all but fallen in line with the pared-down approach, packing all our favorite ingredients up in teeny tiny dropper bottles in monochromatic packaging with sans-serif fonts. But what of the now-neglected maximalist, the beauty lover who always just wants more, more, more, for whom a single tube with a single vague, enigmatic word like "ELEMENTAL" or "ELIXIR" just isn't enough to reel them in?
Lately, we've seen a few brands come to bat for the person who just can't get enough of the good stuff, who wants shopping for beauty to be as satisfying as a successful Costco run: everything in bulk, preferably in value sizes, and with a great deal. You don't have to be a compulsive coupon-cutter to appreciate how much cash buying big can save you in the long run — so maybe, just maybe, it's time we all finally embrace excess.
Start by stocking up on the products ahead, and just try to deny the base appeal of being able to get bigger versions of the stuff you already love. Sometimes, bigger is better — but always check out that expiration date once in a while, because not even a full liter of sunscreen is immune to the passage of time.

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