What Type Of V-Day Person Are You?

It's Valentine's Day, which means you're in love — in love with your partner, in love with love, and, especially, in love with the holiday, right? If Hollywood and Hallmark are to be believed, that's how it should be: Everyone sends lush bouquets and eloquent missives and gets sugar bloat from candy overconsumption, because February 14 is the best! But, maybe that's not you. Or, maybe it is. Then again, maybe — after years of being inundated with pink and red hearts and ruffled boxes filled with subpar chocolates — you've genuinely no idea how to feel about the holiday. Well, now's the time to find out, with Refinery29's Valentine's Day personality quiz. Seven simple questions will help you determine exactly what type of V-Day person you are. The second coming of Cupid? Shoot straight and true, angel-baby! A regular V-Day naysayer? Good news: You can still have the lovey-dovey candy without the lovey-dovey sentiment. Get the lowdown with our quiz, straight ahead.

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