Update: Your Guesses on the ‘Hipster Hooker’

hipsterhooker_radar2Well, like we said when we first covered Jessica Pilot's Radar story featuring a professional escort who goes by the nom de hookie "Heather" and is, ""a 28-year-old who has a coveted job in fashion media," we aren't in the gossip business. Our lack of facility with the finer points of tabloid journalism were confirmed by our subsequent investigations and, most particularly, your responses to our calls for information. Nonetheless, one intrepid tipster had a hot nugget of scuttlebutt we couldn't help but report.
Says the inside man (or woman), "…I have it on reasonably certain authority that one of the three hipster hookers is none other than Elisabeth Vincentelli." That's right, our tipster has named Elisabeth Vincentelli, the longstanding Arts and Entertainment Editor of Time Out well-respected contributor to the Los Angles Times, Slate, The Believer, and author of a book on Abba and her blog The Determined Dilettante. This photo confirms that Ms. Vincentelli certainly looks the part of a 28-year-old hipster lady of the night. Thanks, tipster. You really helped us blow the lid off this one—it's sure to shake New York media to the core. Anyone else care to weigh in?