Rad Or Bad: Sharing Makeup With Your Significant Other

If the man in your life wanted to share your concealer, would you hook him up with the goods? After all, is it really fair to deprive someone in need of a pimple-hiding potion? But what about your bronzer? Or your eyeliner? Makeup artist Natalia Ramirez's new beauty brand Enter Pronoun is leading us to ask these questions.

Inspired by the ambiguity of gender, Ramirez decided to start her own line after realizing that women's products didn't totally conceal tattoos or a 5 o'clock shadow. "I wanted a product for every gender that actually works," she explains. As you can see by the
impressive before and after on xoJane, the concealer is pretty darn effective — if it can do that to facial hair, we're getting all tingly just thinking about what it can do for our practically permanent undereye circles.

From Elvis Presley to Glambert, boys and beauty products have long been a source of contention, and we're not sure what the big deal is. More than ever, gender roles are being questioned, as they should be! Keep in mind that it wasn't too long ago that women wearing pants was seen as atypical, so if dudes want to break tradition by donning a little liner, why shouldn't they? But guys, if you're reading this, know that if you're going to share our products, please remember to wash the brushes — we don't want to catch your cooties.

Photo: Via Enter Pronoun

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