What To Wear When You're Home For The Holidays

If you're heading home for Thanksgiving, chances are you're going to rendezvous with your past. You know, bump into old high school friends or maybe even an ex or two — it's all par for the course. Whether your reunion is planned or not, one thing's for sure: You're going to want to look good. So, in this episode of our newly launched series with Maybelline, Style Throwdown, we challenged senior style editor Annie Georgia Greenberg and Barneys New York, The Window editorial director Marissa Rosenblum to see who can create the better homecoming ensemble in under 60 seconds. How's that for pressure?
With their style cred on the line, Greenberg and Rosenblum don't disappoint, procuring two cool, casual looks that promise to make an even better second impression on their trips home. Watch the webisode above to see who won this high-stakes fashion duel, and feel free to pick up a few styling cues yourself for all the hometown glory.

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