The 8 Gorgeous Gifts We’d Buy Ourselves If Santa ONLY Brought Us Cash

Maybe it's because we spend the majority of our waking hours scouring online stores and local shops, but we have a pretty impressive list of things we'd buy "if only" — you know, if only we didn't have to pay rent, buy food, and so on. We're all for conscious consumerism and are well-versed in putting our needs ahead of our wants, but sometimes we just can't resist a little virtual shopping. Looking at a gorgeous, completely impractical gown and imagining where you might wear it, or uncovering the perfect home decor piece and fantasizing about it sitting on your shelf — we've all done it. But whether you're getting everything you wished for or you've got a few hints left to drop, you're going to want to take notes: We've pulled together our ultimate wish list for this holiday season — the incredible, inspiring, irresistible (and in some cases, totally affordable!) finds that we'd scoop up in a second if Santa gifted us with copious amounts of cash. Click through to see what we'd like to find all wrapped up with a bow on top.

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