Twitter Troll: Siriano at Payless, Kissinger at Dinner, and Happy Birthday To Our Favorite Editrix

cutblog: "Happy Birthday, Anna Wintour! Our birthday blogcard for her:" Happy 60th, Anna! Hope your birthday is filled with many Diet Cokes and "lux-zhurious fuhhhr".
styledotcom: "Is the recession over? The fancy goody bag (665 dollars worth of fancy, to be precise) is back:" Ooh, send some of that fancy our way!
Rachel_Roy: "Fun dinner moment: Henry Kissinger wondering if it was too late to switch place cards to sit by me. Lots of great stories at my table. -RR" We think there's a joke that goes like that. So a fashion designer and a diplomat walk into a bar...
viceuk_fashion: "What if you put clothes made by fashion students on real people?" Then everyone will be walking around in those two-dozen-ties-sewn-into-one-skirt outfits. Oy.
racked: "Payless releases de-fierced versions of Christian Siriano's holiday shoes:" Not quite tranny fierce, but not quite fug. Shall we call them bi-curious fierce?

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