Twitter Troll: Karlie's Princess Gown, Whitney Port The Blogger, And Let's Say Goodbye To The Tents!

mrjoezee: " - Karlie Kloss doing major at Isaac (like cotton candy)" The perfect dress for going to a princess ball (anyone got one of those penned on their agendas?).
whitneyEVEport: "I need some inspiration for my blog! What do you all want me to write about??" We'd recommend tackling subjects like dangers of feminine beauty or a semiotic dissection of the recent collections, but more important, tell us what happened to the Frackelmayer boys!
fuggirls: "Last day at the tents! We are terribly sad, but it's probably even more bittersweet." RIP Bryant Park! May your sacred grounds forever be marked by stiletto imprints and empty Le Petit Ecolier biscuit wrappers.
cutblog: "J. Mendel is passing out mini champagne bottles with plastic funnels attached for easier swigging. #nyfw" A proper cheers to the end of fashion week, don't you think?
Vinnyguadagnino: "I'm in Miami bitch.... No I'm not I'm in staten island" One man's Miami is another man's Staten Island. Stay creepy, bro.
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