Twitter Troll: Gaga’s Bowl Cuts, Glee’s Finale Outfits, And Fashion Do-Do

cutblog: "A breakdown of @LadyGaga's 'Alejandro' looks: not as shocking as her past video fashions, but creepy for sure." Just saying. Those haircuts = target=_blank>this haircut.
InStyle: "See what the New Directions kids will wear on the season finale of Glee!" So gleexcited!
LHearst: "The desire of the man is for the woman, but the desire of the woman is for the desire of the man." We always thought that the real desire of a man is for the desire of a woman to desire another woman.
NARSissist: "Might cry... think I just ruined my fave 3.1 phillip lim belt..." Considering the NARs tweeter supposed to be a pug who wears makeup, we're thinking that he should console himself instead with this fancy getup (don't worry, we're pretty sure it's uni-species).
themoment: "Alex Kuczynski's baby tries out the new faux-denim diapers. Fashion do or don't?" Fashion do-do?

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