Twitter Troll: Coco's James, FNO Desk Madness, And Kelly Cutrone's MTV Deal

saintagnes: "Humberto & Anna Wintour? nice...." Anna really knows how to work a diplomatic interview...
Oh_So_Coco: "@designedmemory I once read an article saying that I was "marrying James Cameron" - Mr. Conran was not too pleased." Mr. Cameron, on the other hand, must have been over the moon!
Bergdorfs: "My desk has gone to the Bad Place... and still 18 days 'til #FNO" Welcome to the Bad Place. Our desk has been visiting since last year's FNO.
RoanneAdams: "We hope the macaroons in the HONOR SS'11 invitation are being enjoyed all over this fine city. More treats to come at the show!" We know that we're enjoying them. Om nom nom.
peoplesrev: "who has a new deal at MTV? hmmmm could it be Kelly C ?!!!! i Think so" On to the next one...

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