Twitter Troll: Alber's Tears, Starbucks' Tricks, And Why People Go To Fashion Parties

mrjoezee: " - This man even makes me want to wear a babushka." Attn: Russian Grandmothers. Stay away from Joe Zee. He wants to wear you.
highsnobiety: "Uniqlo +J Spring 2010 Collection by Jil Sander | A Detailed Look" A sophomore slump? We don't think so!
themoment: " This local coffee shop smells like Starbucks....Wait a minute!" Bye bye green mermaid logo and faux-oak furniture. Hello Tudor Revivalism and rough-cut redwood tables?
viceuk: "Vice Photos: Fashion parties are worth going to for the token 10s and even the incongruous presence of free food." You forgot about the free booze and the chance to witness celebrity B-listers passed out underneath booths.
aslowey: "Poor Alber! He had to cry to get his pre-fall collection out of US customs!!!" Fashion takes blood, sweat, and tears, my friends. At least we know Lanvin's got 1/3 so far.

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