Twitter Troll: Aboriginal Models, Book-Marc Jacobs, And Dissolving Wedding Dresses

rackedny: "Marc Jacobs advertises his new book store with Bookmarc colored pencils:" To fill the pencilbox of the chicest elementary school kid, ever.
HuffStyle: "Meet Samantha Harris, who could be Australia's first Aboriginal supermodel:" With that gait and that face—what's stopping her??
thecobrasnake: "Excited for @peaches_g to come hiking today" May we suggest a hiking rucksack to take with you?
Jess_Stam: "So proud of @harleyvnewton for graduating today. Who knew it was possible to be a straight A honor student/ fashion forward 'It Girl'/ DJ." We're hoping that's what Harley's business cards read.
StyleListSays: "Talk about a disappearing act! An eco-friendly wedding dress that dissolves in water:" Make sure neither you or your groom are criers before you invest in this dress.

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