This App Feature Is Like Shazam For Clothes — & It Totally Works

trendablPhoto: Courtesy of Trendabl.
One of the biggest differences that having a phone in our pockets at all times has made in our lives? There's never a reason for us not to know something ever again. Can't figure out where the nearest Indian restaurant is? Take a peek at Yelp. Want to know if you've got enough funds in your bank account to make that splurge at Prada? Thank you, banking app. And, if you have a sneaking suspicion that there were way more than seven humanoid Cylons (like your best BSG friend has been arguing), you've always got Google.
But, when it comes to IDing clothes, you've probably found yourself sore out of luck. If only there was a Shazam for clothes (that's also available in the U.S.). Well — ta-da — there actually is! And, chances are you probably already own the app…
Trendabl recently rolled out a new feature called "Find It" that allows you to take a picture of an item, a print, or a color to find a shoppable version online. We tried it out ourselves, and it works pretty well — while the app can't find anything that's not current (sorry, vintage fans), it does a great job at recommending similar buys. It's a handy tool for when you've got to know where to find something STAT. (It might be helpful the next time you're clicking through one of our street-style slideshows on your phone!) Don't have Trendabl yet? Download it for free on iTunes.

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