Trend Alert! Buster Keaton Plays Muse for Our Latest Street Style Obsession

In a lot of ways, it could practically be the '20s all over again. We've got another little recession on our hands, speakeasies are back in style, and now so is Buster Keaton. More than just the most famous silent film star, he rose to become an iconoclast not only for his deadpan acting but for his quirky-classic style. And with summer taking its time to arrive this year, these street-goers have seized the chance to throw on their caps, tweed blazers, and high-waisted trousers to channel their inner Buster. Whether you choose to take part in this quirky trend by renting a silent film or dressing like you're in one, take a tip from Mr. Keaton and do it up jazz-age style.
Above: Street style image via
Above: Street style image via Facehunter.

Above, from left:Street style images via Facehunter, Style Clicker.
Above: Street style image via StyleClicker.
Above: Street style image via Facehunter.

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