Treadmill Exercises That Aren’t A Boring Run

Photographed by Jens Ingvarsson.
Treadmills provide a simple and convenient workout, but running on a machine can get boring. Luckily, conditioning and strength specialist Mike Donavanik has crafted some killer treadmill exercises forWomen’s Health. Just like a good run, these exercises will strengthen your body and get your heart going. First, you can try walking lunges. Typically, these are difficult to do across a crowded gym, but the moving floor of a treadmill is perfectly accommodating.Women's Health has the how-to:  Stand with your feet hip-width apart and turn the treadmill’s speed up to 3 mph (you can tweak this as necessary). Keeping your hands clasped together at chest level, step forward with your right leg and lower your body until your right knee is bent at least 90 degrees. Then, rise up and bring your back foot forward so that you move forward, alternating legs with each step. You can raise the incline to 5% if you really want to focus in on your hamstrings or glutes.
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Next, you can try a crab walk. It will definitely look silly at first, but this move provides an almost-full-body workout that targets your hamstrings, triceps, core, and glutes. Begin by setting the treadmill speed to only one or two miles per hour. Then, follow Women's Health's instructions: Walk behind the treadmill and get into a crab position. Place your hands on the side of the treadmill base, facing away from the treadmill and with your back facing the ground. Keeping your feet flat on the floor and your hips elevated, place your hands on the treadmill belt and walk your hands forward.
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