4 Skin Care Mistakes To Stop Making This Spring

unnamed-1Illustrated by Jenny Kraemer.
When it comes to our faces, we don’t rely on just anyone to tell us what our skin needs to get that ever-elusive glow. Instead, we turn to skin care veteran (and celebrity fave!) Renée Rouleau, who knows it takes more than the right products to get radiant. Each week, she’ll be serving up her expert tips to keep your complexion in tip-top shape.
Hallelujah! This eternal winter seems to be coming to a close. And, with spring so close we can taste it, it’s a great time to focus on skin and prepare it for the change of season — including the toll it'll take on your complexion. Ahead, I’ve shared four transitional skin care musts you need to start doing for spring.
unnamed-2Illustrated by Jenny Kraemer.

Assess your skin care products
Sure, we all have more skin care products in our cabinets than we're actually using on a regular basis. But, many of us have things that we don’t even know how or when to use, let alone when or why we bought them! To remedy this (and, get in the spirit of spring cleaning), stop ignoring your stash of products collecting dust: Pull everything out of your cabinets and assess each product. Toss anything that's no longer working for you, or isn’t a fit for your skin. Too often, we'll use a product for months, even though it's not delivering. (If you don't want to throw it out, give to a friend whose skin might be a better fit for it.) Also, get rid of any product that is older than two years — the preservative system in most skin care products has a shelf life of about this time, though products that come in jars don't last nearly as long.

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Wash your makeup brushes
Many people rarely wash their makeup brushes — even if they're consistently breaking out. Because oil and bacteria can get caught in the bristles and cause clogged pores, breakouts and general irritation, stop putting it off & give them a good soak. Fill a glass with warm water and add one tablespoon of a gentle, clarifying shampoo or gel cleanser, then swish brushes in the glass to create a lather. Rinse well and use a comb to detangle the bristles and get them back in their original shape. Let brushes dry in an upright glass out in the sun — it can help destroy bacteria and cuts dry time.

unnamed-3Illustrated by Jenny Kraemer.

Make daily use of sunscreen a top priority — and apply it generously
It’s a fact that wearing sunscreen year-round will reduce premature skin aging, but many people don’t think of wearing it until the temperatures warm up significantly. So, if you haven’t been wearing a moisturizer with sunscreen — even when it's below 50 degrees — now is the time to do so! But, in order for the SPF to truly protect and prevent harmful UV rays from damaging the skin, the formula has to be applied generously (i.e. at least a quarter size). Unfortunately, because many women tend to under-apply a formula that feels heavy — mistaking the heaviness for protection — it's important to find a sunscreen that doesn't use heavy emollients or leave a greasy residue. Look for formulas containing zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as they tend to leave a matte feeling on the skin. Also, stop neglecting your neck: It’s an extension of our face and should be protected with sunscreen, too!

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Spring clean your pores with a professional facial
You've been avoiding seeing a professional, haven't you? But, without a doubt, the most effective way to clear out blackheads and clogged pores from the skin is to have them manually removed with a professional facial. Plus, with the change of seasons — a time when skin is prone to freaking out due to allergies and other environmental stressors — it’s a great time to consult with your esthetician about how to transition your skin into spring. Follow these easy tips and spring into a new season with gorgeous, radiant skin.

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