5 Impulse Buys You Won't Regret Come Summer

While our add-to-cart habits tend to forgo caution, the resulting purchases are usually pieces we're totally smitten with — for the moment, at least. But after we put 'em through their first few wears, the question becomes, how can we turn these instant obsessions into lasting closet front-runners? The easy answer: Work your layers. Chances are, if you go with styles that you'd wear on their own in July, you can layer (or strategically pair) them now.

So, to make our impulse buys a little more worth it, we're taking five on-trend TOPSHOP pieces and giving them the spring and summer treatment. Meaning, looks that easily mix and match for chilly nights now and show a little skin for balmy heat waves later. The picks at play? Everything from slip dresses and bustiers to miniskirts and off-the-shoulder blouses. See our solutions for the seasonal shifts ahead, and follow our lead on finally putting the wear-once-and-toss move to rest.

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