The 5 Biggest Myths About Stretching, Debunked

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It's become a habit for most of us: a calf stretch before a run, an elbow pull before jumping in the pool, or a quick quad extender before hopping on the spin bike. That’s because until recently, stretching has always been a pre-workout must.
But, after decades of coaches and gym teachers barking the importance of a stretch-filled warm-up to prevent injuries and boost performance, new studies suggest stretching may not be the secret to athletic success after all. This new discovery has led some fitness experts to label stretching a waste of time, while others say it’s the type of stretching — and when during your workout you do it — that counts.
All of this has left us a little confused about what’s best for our bodies. So, we spoke to the experts to get the real deal. Ahead, five misconceptions to ditch.

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