French Lessons: Part II of Our Favorite Paris Fashion Week Shows

From NYC to London to Milan to Paris...the Fashion Weeks have gone and turned into an actual Fashion Month, and we for one are ready for a bit of hibernation. Not that we haven't had a blast, but hey, a girl's gotta sleep, detox, wear flats, and, not to mention, earn the cash to make the latest looks materialize in real time. But before we retreat into that hysteria-free in-between season glee, we couldn't help but gush over our final batch of top shows, because we know it's true: Come January, we'll be in the midst of severe catwalk withdrawal. Until then, our top picks from Paris Fashion Week, round deux.
Alexander McQueen—Aquatic Fairies on Speed
Where to begin... the shoes? Yes, that seems logical as they've been the talk of the town since they transcended human kind's conception of footwear. Then there were the Jetsons meets Queen Elizabeth clothes that melded pop prints and delirium and leather and fantasy. Many things can be said, but perhaps, it's best just to smile and applaud McQueen's delightfully sensationalist approach. Merci!
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Lanvin—The Incredible Edible Elbaz
Not one to shy away from "bling," Elbaz continually redefines the idea of embellishment, and this latest collection was no exception. Huge ruffled necklines, dramatic silhouettes, and ruching out the wazoo made this a bold, almost theatrical experience. Arguably, some pink pieces had a certain over-decorative, over-frosted Parisian patisserie aftertaste, but some divinely draped jumpers and perfectly tailored dinner jackets were scrumptious, to say the least.
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Celine—The Alchemist
It seems everything Phoebe Philo touches turns to gold (or at least to golden-hued sartorial perfection, which is close enough), and her first collection for Celine is no exception. Crisp, clean, and discretely decadent, the trousers were wide and high and the dresses slightly military and above-the-knee. The structured leather shorts and frocks in shades of caramel were, well, delicious.
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Chanel—Old King Karl Had a Farm
While the bad "roll in the hay" jokes were as abundant as the praise for the Kaiser's latest smash-hit, there's just no getting around it: Those classic cuts, the perfectly weaved fabrics, the flawless finishing, the whimsy and the rawness was pure delight. Whether it's the dainty, lacy white ensembles, the moodier black sets, or the bright surprises in between, we'd gladly do same manual labor in exchange for...a blazer?
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Chloé—The Modern Girl Goes Hunting
There is such incredible beauty when menswear-inspired womenswear is done right—and even without Phoebe at the helm, Chloé kept its unique perspective on feminine dressing intact. Creamy blouses were fitted and buttoned to the collar and juxtaposed with loose, luxurious slacks. Itty-bitty leather shorts were worn with crisp cotton coats, and capes covered up some gauzy, layered white ensembles. It all felt very English countryside, and it all felt very right—proving that Hannah MacGibbon will do just fine.
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Miu Miu—Lolita Joins the Chess Club
First, we have to talk about the hair: The super long, super sexy loose braids were...perfection. Then there were the clothes: Coquettish is the word that comes to mind. The skirts and dresses were youthful in their prim cuts, and cutesy patterns, and the trousers front-pleated and nerdy-chic. A few dusty pink, embellished dresses were to die for. One tip: Unless you're Iekeliene Stange (who can pull of anything), don't go for the matchy matchy looks, but these duds are musts for mixing.
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Isabel Marant—Bobo (i.e. Bourgeois Bohemian)
Marant is one of those French designers (like Vanessa Bruno) who knows what a girl want—easy, sexy things that can look great paired with either YSL or H&M. Some great metallic blazers, fuchsia sun dresses, flirtatious, nude (trend alert!) frocks, printed harem pants, and some great silky jumpers rounded out a collection that was all about casual luxe and the sex-appeal of being underdone.
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