Meet Fashion Month’s Hardest-Working Models

Of all the jobs in the fashion industry, modeling probably takes the cake for being one of the most draining — emotionally, physically, and psychologically. It's not just about putting on a pair of heels and doing a quick saunter across the catwalk. It's about working shifts as long as surgeons, destroying your feet in impossible shoes, and being scrutinized for every square inch of your body, all while attempting to look as though you've got it more together than the rest of us plebes.
It's hard work, and those who manage to make it through a day, much less a full month of shows, deserve our awe. We broke down the numbers to reveal the top three models who walked the most in each city... and then we looked at the trends. What do the numbers say? The girls are almost all under 23, their names are still next-to-unknown in the industry, and they're all Caucasian. All of that paints a very real, and very worthy-of-discussion picture of the modeling world at large. Take a look at our infographic below, and then...take to the comments with your thoughts!

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