Well, That’s One Way To Get Your Bronze On

BronzerPhoto: Courtesy of Too Faced.
Even as a beauty editor, I'm pretty intimidated by bronzer — and I know I'm not alone here. Specifically, I have major issues finding a bronzer that looks fantastic on my skin, especially since I tend to change tone throughout the year. So, when I came across Too Faced's Little Black Book of Bronzers, I seriously couldn't get my hands on it fast enough. The product boasts an entire wardrobe of bronzers — eight in all — all tucked into one handy palette. Dope, right? An on-the-go bronzer palette that gives me options.
The Little Black Book's bronzers each have a different "personality." There is a 16-hour-wear option for when you don't have the option to retouch, a luminous bronzer for a healthy glow, and a pore perfecting hue. Plus, there's two chocolate shades (milk and regular) that actually smell like chocolate. My favorite, though, was Sun Bunny — the natural blend — because it gave me that seemingly unattainable glow that looks like I'd just been poolside. This palette is the holy grail of bronzing kits, and great for people who either love contouring or are just starting out, because it gives you the option to play.
Plus, I love the idea of a wardrobe of bronzers, especially since I'm so finicky with the stuff myself. We hoard lipsticks and eyeshadow (well, at least I do), but base products, like bronzers and blushes, are usually labeled as one-size-fits-all. Some days and situations call for heavy contouring, while others require just a subtle glow. Too Faced's palette allows for all situations.
Those issues aside, when the product came across my desk, I was definitely hesitant. First off, this kit isn't exactly portable. Instead of being the compact square I expected, the "little" black book looks like it would be better suited for my coffee table. The individual bronzers are all housed together, and they can't be pulled out of the book. Now, for a bronzer devotee, this would make an excellent gift — especially if they're into displaying the thing. But, for someone like me, whose "day-to-night" routine entails sculpting my contour desk-side, this isn't totally practical. In fact, it isn't practical at all.
Another issue I had with Too Faced's Little Black Book was the packaging itself. It's literally just thick cardboard, and the bronzers don't have a plastic covering for them. Now, call me a germaphobe, but there's something a little unsettling about that. When I buy my products, I want to be sure that they're as sanitary as they can be. Since the cardboard flap is only held by magnets — and is, again, just paper — there ain't much protecting my makeup from the elements. Then again, since the palette is the size of a serving tray, I guess it isn't going out into the world all that often.
There is more to this primper than just looks, though. The palette is meant to help women achieve a glow sans-sun, and the company has donated nearly $100,000 to the Melanoma Research Foundation to fund skin-care education. And, truth be told, if I had to pick between frying myself in the sun and lugging around the book, I'd totally choose the latter. This is one kit I'm really looking forward to having fun with as the season goes on. I'll just have to pepper playtime with prayers of future portability — and regular sanitation.
Too Faced The Little Black Book of Bronzers, $139, available May 16th at Sephora.

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