Is This The Most Effective Arm Workout?

Dumbbell curls and tricep dips are great for sculpting and toning arms, but let's get real: They're not challenging our bodies as much as we'd like 'em to. That's why we tapped KP Dance Body's Katia Pryce to show us three new moves to engage our upper body in totally unexpected ways and burn fat.
The 30-year-old fitness guru opened her studio last year after holding it down as a professional dancer and Tracy Anderson trainer. So, when she tells us to listen up and grab some weights, you can bet we're all ears. Ahead, Pryce breaks down three fully engaged moves that'll help you tone and strengthen your way to defined arms. And, like any good instructor, she's also serving up entry-level modification tips as she executes the more advanced moves — all while decked out in performance-boosting adidas gear, of course.
Now, pick up some weights and and keep those shoulders down — your arms are waiting.